I am the Destroyer, The Apocalypse, The Widow Maker. I am a rifle. I am a gun. Look down the barrel of my hate; we're going to have some fun.

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We’re learning about natural selection in my biology class.
This’s all I was thinking the whole time. 
Help me.



Rare footage of Dylan and his twin brother, Bob.

i’m done

Omg imagine
"They were good students. They were smart. Teachers went to them with computer problems."
Autumn Hettinger about Eric and Dylan (via

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Anonymous said: Im really sorry that you feel that way and im sorry that youre going through all this bullshit.I dont know your friends or loved ones but im sure they care about you! Maybe they just dont know how to show it I hope you feel better soon!

It’s okay, I’m used to being the lowest priority by now. And I doubt that they do. Oh well, life goes on. I guess.💁


He’s not vague at all.

sleep slices

I just now realized that I haven’t watched Zero Day since Zero Day and I feel so shitty knowing this pathetic disappointment. I should watch it tomorrow after work😁👌


Zero Day (Ben Coccio, 2003) follows two boys’ lives in the weeks leading up to a tragic school shooting. This pair, however, happen to be the antagonists in their own story. 
Shot in a mockumentary/found-footage format, we step into the daily affairs of Cal and Andre (Cal Robertson and Andre Keuck, respectively), two adolescents who never appear to suggest any underlying delusions or hints of insanity. They start the film off by deciding upon carrying out a goal and spend the rest of the film living out their lives as their goal gets pushed further and further away. Where they see intent and ambition, we see horror and regret. It is due to this that the film manages to be far more poignant and frightening than the vast majority of thrillers gracing our theaters.
Shot not long after the Columbine Massacre (and closer still, to the events of September 11th), audiences were still quite uneasy with the idea of humanizing two individuals who could be capable of causing such great harm to others. Seemingly trivializing the events, film like these were shunned. However, as we have come to learn, the awareness raised by these films surpasses any harm that could possibly be done by the cast or creators. 
Apart from humanizing these killers, we slowly come to find numerous similarities between them and ourselves. Juxtaposing circumstances and events, we can clearly begin to relate to and admire these two boys as they begin their attempt to make sense of the world that they were placed into. 
Regardless of intent or time and release, this film serves as an important reminder that those who commit even the most heinous crimes are not too far off from the people who inhabit our very homes.