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Columbine High School Class Of 1999
Anonymous whispered:
How did they ask for help?

Eric told his family doctor about his homicidal thoughts and urges. Why would he have done that if he knew that others would be concerned for him? He wouldn’t have just blurted it out for no reason. He was far more intelligent than that.

Dylan wrote in his journal that nobody would help him. His clinical depression/suicidal thoughts and cutting went unnoticed by others around him. Though obvious to others with the same condition, ‘normal’ people wouldn’t see it. For a creative writing assignment a few months before the massacre, he wrote a story about a man coming into town and killing all of the popular kids. When asked why he wrote the disturbing story, he replied with something like “it’s just a story”. Why would Dylan have gone through the trouble of turning in an assignment relating to the massacre they were planning to commit if he knew it would alarm others? Dylan, whether or not he was aware of it, was desperate for help and attention.

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they had to do it on international marijuana day

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Re-watched Jennifer’s body for the first time since I was fourteen. And…. Just…. Kyle….. *sighs*
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